How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Community
People who are aging need constant care, monitoring, and assistance and good assisted living communities can provide all this and more. Additionally, these communities have environments and amenities that are designed to keep elders happy and engaged. However, finding the perfect assisted living for your loved ones can be a challenging task.

Here’s a list of important factors you should consider while choosing an assisted living community:

1.   Location

The location is one of the most important decision factors to consider while looking for an assisted living community for your senior relative. It would always be wise to choose a community that is in the same local area as you or another responsible family member.

2.   Size of the Community

Big assisted living communities offer various services and additional amenities like movie theaters, swimming pools, specialized units for memory care, and more. So, seniors can continue to enjoy an active, interactive lifestyle in these communities. However, while the physical size of the interiors and exteriors are important things to assess, what matters most is the staff-to-resident ratio of the community.

3.   Services

Typically, an assisted living community offers meals, housekeeping, exercise and wellness programs, and memory care support. Some communities even provide tailored services to suit the specific health care needs of the senior.

It is vital to note that assisted living communities are different from medical centers. People living in these communities can enjoy independence while also getting the care and assistance they need.

4.   Charges

It would help if you compare the monthly or annual costs of different assisted living communities before choosing one. Some communities offer different slab rates where you can leave out and not pay for services or amenities you do not need.

5.   Culture

The culture of a community is an important factor to consider while shortlisting options. One cannot really know what it is like to live in an assisted living community until they do it.

However, preliminary visits and conversations with the existing residents and staff can give you some insight into how good the community is and what the environment is like. Some of these communities may even let you join in on a meal or activity to give you a good sense of how things work.

Once you consider all these factors, try creating a list of communities in the area and begin with a rational assessment. While you can search for the best assisted living communities online,  it is always a good idea to consult the people already living in these communities.

Dellwood Gardens Assisted Living offers a wide range of senior care options and beautiful assisted living apartments, where you can age well in a comfortable and safe environment.

Our highly skilled staff members are trained to fulfill the unique and changing needs of elderly residents and make them feel right at home. From meal plans to the external and interior design and layout, Dellwood Gardens embraces and fosters a culturally diverse environment. Contact our experts or visit our website to learn more about the facilities we offer.



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