"I enjoy Dellwood a lot. The people (residents) here are great and the nurses always make sure I have what I need. The best feature though I think, are the beautiful views of the city and the park foliage I can see right out of my bedroom window."

Ethel, Resident

“I eat well, I read around campus and participate in the activities when I’m up for it. I’m just so happy here, that’s why I look so good!”


“I'm home! I have my friends, a community and a sense of belonging. I really enjoy being a part of the resident committee and attending the many social events we have here.”



For many seniors, cost is a major consideration when thinking about moving to an assisted living
community. However, most people are surprised to learn that they spend more money living alone and
paying separately for mortgage or rent, utilities, groceries, home care and transportation than they
would by joining a community. Our Cost of Living Comparison Worksheet will help you to compare
your current living expenses with those at Dellwood Gardens.

Schedule A Tour

To request more information or schedule a tour, please contact our Marketing & Resident Services Manager, Danielle Ramstrom, at:
or 651-444-5704

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