Elderly Waiver

Dellwood Gardens offers peace of mind to residents and their families by providing affordable housing and services that alleviates the financial burden that so often accompanies the move to an assisted living community.

In line with our mission to make high-quality assisted living accessible to individuals of every cultural and economic background, we proudly accept Medicaid Elderly Waiver (EW), CADI Waiver, and GRH (Group Residential Housing).

If you don’t qualify for Medicaid waivers or GRH at the time you become a resident, you will be welcome to stay at Dellwood Gardens when your assets are depleted, as long as you qualify for support through Elderly Waiver, CADI, and/or GRH. We will work closely with you and your team to help ensure a smooth transition to waiver services.

In the event that you do require additional support to continue financing care, we will work with you and those who care for you to transition you to a Medical Assistance program that covers your services.



If you are on or qualify for Medical Assistance (Medicaid), you may be eligible to live at Dellwood Gardens using the Elderly Waiver to cover the cost of your care.


Dellwood Gardens is one of the few senior assisted living communities in Ramsey County to accept residents covered by the Community Access for Disability Inclusion, or CADI Waiver.


Benefits administered through the Group Residential Housing program are also accepted at Dellwood Gardens.

Schedule A Tour

To request more information or to schedule your tour, please contact our Marketing Director, Lindsay Schmidt, at lschmidt@dellwoodgardens.com or 651.444.5716.

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