How Assisted Living Can Help Your Loved Ones Thrive
Your aging loved ones have spent most of their lives caring for and supporting others. They deserve to spend their retirement in a community that improves their mental and physical health. That’s exactly what assisted living communities have to offer—they provide seniors with a safe environment where they feel independent, supported, and cared for.

Read on to learn how assisted living can help your loved ones thrive.

Gives Them a Sense of Independence

Assisted Living Communities are places of residence that make those living in them feel supported in their activities of daily living while providing independence. Assisted Living Communities have a team of trained experts who provide care to their resident’s changing needs while helping them age gracefully.

Helps Them Socialize with Others

When seniors live on their own, boredom is a major issue. Days may seem to stretch endlessly, and the nights might be no better. In an assisted living community, seniors will always have someone to talk to. Most communities plan activities that help your aging loved ones interact with others and find companionship. These activities may include:

  • Movie and game nights
  • Painting, pottery, writing, and other activities
  • Book clubs that encourage dialogue and stimulate the brain cells
  • Gardening and physical exercises that help them spend some time outdoors


Provides Them Personalized Care and Attention

From memory loss to physical illness, aging has its own set of challenges. Your loved ones need care and compassion to get through the challenging days and feel their best. Assisted Living Communities have trained experts who provide seniors with the following assistance.

  • Performing day-to-day activities such as bathing
  • Escorting them to dining halls or gardens
  • Guiding them through activities
  • Providing personalized care, managing their medication regime, keeping track of prescriptions, and reminding them of doctor appointments

Some assisted living communities have nurses on-call and transportation facilities to take care of the residents in case of a medical emergency.

Enhances Their Mental Health

Long-term cognitive decline can be tackled with the aid of mental stimulation. That’s why assisted living communities plan and organize various mind-stimulating activities and cognitive games for seniors. They often have:

  • Sessions that focus on improving reading and writing skills.
  • Mind-stimulating games to reduce and manage cognitive decline.
  • Guest speakers who educate the residents and help them learn about new topics.
  • Sessions to improve their computer skills
  • Yoga and physical activities that promote mental well-being


Safe & Secure Environment

The health and safety of seniors are among the top priorities in assisted living communities. The living area is designed to accommodate the needs of your aging loved ones. They are equipped with:

  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Flat thresholds to avoid falls.
  • Hand railings where needed
  • Raised toilets
  • Grab bars in shower areas

If you’re interested in learning more about how assisted living can help you or someone you leave, reach out to Dellwood Gardens for a guided tour or brief conversation.

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