The Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Spring is fast approaching, the birds are singing and flowers are beginning to bloom. This is the perfect time for seniors to get outside and enjoy the sunshine—what better way than gardening? In this article, we will target some of the main benefits of gardening that will get you eager to pick up the shovel and start digging!

Great Source of Exercise

Believe it or not, gardening is a lot of work! Bending over, crouching, bending, and pulling gives your body an all-over workout without the need for a costly gym membership! Planting and maintaining a garden allows you the opportunity to regularly work your muscles and burn extra calories.

Build Muscle

When we do not use our muscles, they can weaken over time. With regular maintenance of a garden, you can build strength in most muscle groups within your body. You do not have to do any heavy-lifting to achieve better strength. Low impact gardening over just a few hours each week can even do the trick.

Soak Up The Sun

As the saying goes: “everything in moderation,” but with only a few hours of soaking up some well-needed rays, you can get your daily need for vitamin D. Vitamin D promotes bone density and is important for healthy muscles and teeth—just make sure that you wear sunscreen when you go outside.

Reduce Stress

Gardening is a great way to improve your precision and sharpen your hand-eye coordination. Gardening is also a type of activity that is very rewarding, either from a successful harvest at the end, or the compliments you will receive from others about the flowers you chose. You can lower stress-causing cortisol levels and release more happiness-enhancing serotonin when you feel satisfied.

Boost Your Mental Health

On top of helping you physically and mentally feel good, the act of gardening helps to improve your critical thinking skills. From choosing what plants to grow, to what maintenance they require, gardening helps keep your mind sharp during your golden years.


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