Living in Assisted Living During COVID-19

There is no doubt that the pandemic has been a massive challenge for everyone, but especially our seniors who are uniquely vulnerable to COVID-19.

We know a lot more now than we did in early 2020 since COVID first struck the U.S. and we are in a much better position today due to the rollout of vaccinations. If your loved one is at a point in their life, when additional care may be needed, finding solace in an assisted living community may be the answer. Even during a pandemic!

Homes Have Improved

Despite the pandemic still simmering around us, time marches on. All challenges that existed before the pandemic, including our aging population and the need to provide them with adequate support, continue to exist. Fortunately, senior care communities have evolved significantly since the beginning of the pandemic, and have made many necessary changes to protect residents and staff.

These improvements include reasonable restrictions on visitors, regular staff and resident testing, priority vaccination slots, enhanced quarantine and infectious disease procedures, and increased social distancing measures. The improvements have drastically improved the safety of senior living communities, ensuring that seniors continue to get access to the care they need.

Check Their Records

Thankfully, since the pandemic has been so widespread, there has been extensive public reporting about the COVID tragedy and how it affected our elderly. When considering a senior living community, make sure to inquire about their history with COVID and their COVID precautions. Ask what their visitor policies are, how they screen, and how they control a COVID outbreak.

Senior facilities should develop plans and protocols to keep COVID out and to handle outbreaks when they occur. Moreover, vaccines are available that have proven to be very successful. You can and should inquire how many of a facility’s staff and residents have been vaccinated.


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