What You Should Know About VA Aid and Assisted Living

Senior care is always a priority for those working in any elderly community, especially when it comes to ensuring that they make their stay feel welcoming. The main goal of our assisted living facility is to provide a community that respects those who live here. For those who previously served our country in the armed forces, you may qualify for VA Aid to help pay for assisted living.

How Does VA Aid Work?

To break it down, VA Aid helps make daily activities much easier for veterans and surviving spouses, especially when they’re generally overwhelmed by such tasks. VA Aid benefits include extra finances in addition to traditional pensions. On top of that, it allows veterans to get the help they need, especially as they age and have limited capabilities.

The Different Options to Choose From

Veterans—or a surviving spouse of a veteran—living within an assisted living facility are granted access to VA Aid, as well as any attendance benefits that can make their finances easier to tackle. Additionally, the qualifications they receive will allow them to reside in facilities like a VA community center, Armed Forces Retirement Home, or state veterans home. One other option includes the Veteran-Directed Care program, allowing veterans to live independently with support, if needed.

Additional Questions

  • Are VA Benefits Used for Assisted Living? Veterans and surviving spouses qualify for the additional monthly payments for assisted living if they are eligible. Additionally, they’ll receive all aid and attendance benefits as well as any added assisted living costs that involve tasks they normally can’t do on their own.


  • Who Would Qualify for Veterans Benefits? Veterans who have been given an honorable discharge, are older than the age of 65, have minimum service requirements, or have a limited monthly income are eligible for VA Aid.


  • How Much Would One Have to Pay? It all comes down to how much money the veteran or surviving spouse has, and if their pension would make them qualify.


VA Aid helps veterans and surviving spouses get the care that they need. If you or a loved one is looking into an assisted living facility, reach out to us at Dellwood Gardens to see how we can help!

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