What Are the Healthiest Foods for Seniors to Eat

Eating healthy is always important, but having a balanced diet is key as you begin to age. To add to this, there are many chemicals and additives lurking in foods nowadays that can make ailments such as arthritis, respiratory illness and muscle aches worse, rather than better. In this article, we will explore the ways in which maintaining a healthful diet can impact your day-to-day living, as well as what are some of the healthiest foods for seniors to eat to feel great on a daily basis.

Why a Healthy Diet Matters

For some, being motivated to eat healthier as they continue to age may be a struggle. Many elderly and aging adults adopt the mentality that because they are growing older, they no longer need to pay attention to their general diet and well-being.

As older adults have become increasingly accustomed to their own style of living and way of life, something that seems drastic, like a dramatic diet change, may seem difficult for them.

Though a drastic diet change may not appear ideal, the truth is that eating healthier could have a vast impact on your quality of life. By saying “no” to synthetic, chemical-laden sugary, salty and over-processed foods, you will likely find that inflammation, congestion and other common ailments begin to decrease. Healthy foods are also great for boosting memory function, building strength and even increasing one’s lifespan, in some cases. 

Healthiest Foods for Seniors to Eat

So, what are some of the healthiest foods for senior citizens to eat? Foods that are natural and unpackaged are a great start.

When selecting fruits and vegetables, try to go for those rich in color, like juicy red tomatoes and dark leafy greens. These fruits and veggies get their hue from being rich in vitamins that your body needs to stay energetic, healthy and pain-free.

Other great options include:

  • Foods rich in protein like salmon, eggs and beans
  • Whole grains including wheat bread and brown rice
  • Dairy or fortified dairy alternatives such as almond and coconut milk 

Also, when it is feasible, always make an attempt to eat fresh, home-cooked meals rather than eating out. Doing so will cut down on your sodium intake, and you can rest easy knowing exactly what is in the food you’re eating.

All in all, a healthy diet for seniors is an integral part of senior living. At Dellwood Gardens, we aim to help you achieve this and more! We have a community garden and provide home-cooked meals, so you or your loved one can easily have a healthy diet. Contact us today to schedule your free tour!

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