Vaccines & Assisted Living: How Long Term Care Facilities are Keeping Seniors Protected

Vaccinations are underway across the country, reducing the risk to senior health in the process. Through efforts to vaccinate and practice social distancing, we are overcoming COVID, and ensuring the safe and active livelihoods of our seniors. In assisted living centers, we put your loved ones at the top of our list of priorities when it comes to staying safe. Here are some of the ways Dellwood Gardens is continuing to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents.

Continued Use of Pandemic Protocols
We provide COVID-19 vaccines to those who choose to be vaccinated, and we will watch for side effects until they are in the clear. We will continue to make vaccinations available for the foreseeable future to ensure all residents who wish to receive the vaccine are able to do so.

Masks are required of all visitors as well as employees and residents. We are diligent about keeping our community clean and free of germs or pathogens. We will follow protocols as deemed necessary for as long as it is required to ensure the safety of our community.

Staying Connected

We honor each person’s individuality. Everyone at Dellwood Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care does their best to help our residents celebrate holidays, special days, and more in a way that is suitable and meaningful to them.

Family is encouraged to visit in person and remotely, and screen time for virtual visits is available whenever our residents or family members request it. 

Helping Residents Stay Upbeat & Connected

While COVID has posed a challenge with connecting with our loved ones, we are making efforts to open channels for our seniors to stay connected with their family and friends.

We are here to help your loved ones move past this difficult time, and get excited about the future. Change is difficult for all of us, but knowing that someone is nearby can help make the transition easier. 

Getting the Most Out of Their Retirement

Our passionate employees at Dellwood Gardens enjoy working with our residents and helping them get the most out of their retirement. We offer social programs, learning resources, and physical activities, and much more, to help ensure our residents can keep active and enjoy their stay in our care.

Variety is the spice of life, so we always have something new cooked up in our kitchen. Our cooking staff offers tasty food that can be tailored to suit every person’s diet requirements and preferences. Our attractive setting makes it easy to have quiet time alone or to join others in pursuit of friendly conversation and companionship. 

A New Extended Family

At Dellwood Gardens, it is our mission to provide high-quality senior care that is accessible and affordable. We thrive on inspiring and empowering our community and are committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of our residents to ensure they are happy and healthy. Contact us today to schedule your free tour.

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