Top 4: What to Consider When Choosing a Memory Care Community for Your Loved One
Dementia triggers a lot of emotional stress and anxiety. This is why it’s essential to find the right treatment options for your loved one with dementia. Assisted living communities can be a good choice in terms of comfort, safety, and care. However, choosing an assisted living community for a person with dementia could be far more complicated than choosing one for seniors with other chronic conditions. Here are some things to consider if you are looking for an assisted living community for an older adult with dementia.

Safe and Comfortable Environment

When you are doing your research, the first thing to check is the design of the space. Clinical features like white floors, harsh lighting and the lingering smell of medication can make your loved one feel like they are in a hospital setting. Conversely, a well-ventilated, spacious, and home-like environment can make your loved one feel right at home. The setting should also offer plenty of space for recreational activities and social interaction.

Even older adults without dementia are prone to memory care issues, falls and other accidents. So it’s crucial to verify if the facility has adequate safety features in place.  Code-protected doors, window locks, monitoring systems, grab bars, and antiskid flooring are some of the safety features you can look for.

Additionally, you can also investigate the call-light system (means of communication for patients in case of emergencies) and check whether assistance is provided if the resident needs help.

Well Trained and Compassionate Staff

Your loved one will primarily be under the care of the assisted living community’s staff. Make sure to choose a facility that employs well-trained, knowledgeable and compassionate staff members. Examine the internal culture of the assisted living community and learn more about their policies for addressing residents’ needs and keeping you posted on any updates related to your loved one. Inquire whether the dementia care program encourages family involvement.

Engaging Activities

Activities that stimulate the resident’s brain are a significant part of any dementia care program. Get a good understanding of how the communities dementia care program works and if they have specialized activities for dementia care residents. It would be best to choose a facility that offers both weekday and weekend dementia care programs so that the residents stay motivated and engaged every day.

Dignified and Independent Dining Facility

Dementia care residents may have specific nutritional needs.  Inquire if the community offers menus with several options to choose from. Some dementia care residents may also need feeding assistance.  A good dementia care community understands and pays special attention to each patient’s individual nutritional needs.

The advancement of dementia is unique in each person. You may notice behavioral changes like hallucinations, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), and wandering in addition to signs of cognitive impairment. It’s recommended you choose a memory care community that your loved one can relate to and feel safe and comfortable in. You can find the best dementia care community for your loved one by considering these points.

Dellwood Gardens offers an exceptional environment where your loved one with dementia will be taken care of. Everything from meal plans to the layout of the living spaces is designed to ensure that your loved one will feel safe and comfortable. Contact our experts or visit our website to know more about our services.


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