Stimulating Activities for Seniors in Memory Care

Those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia need activities that offer mental stimulation, an opportunity to connect with others, and provide a sense of comfort and relaxation. Dellwood Gardens Memory Care Community offers a variety of social activities specifically for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s to help lessen feelings of isolation, ease anxiety and improve their overall quality of life.

That is why we have compiled a list of stimulating activities designed for individuals with cognitive impairments, along with guidelines for identifying appropriate activities to ensure our residents can participate and engage with others.

Productive Activities

Movement and inventing ways for residents to stay active is one of Dellwood’s primary goals. Group exercise is a way to promote socialization and bonding with neighbors while team-based games keep the body and mind engaged by encouraging cooperation.

Exercise activities can be combined with music and singing to help residents maintain a rhythm to their movements.

The sorting challenge is another engaging activity to introduce. It involves a resident placing items into bowls and letting them sort by color or size. The repetitive act stimulates brain activity while sorting items and picking them up helps build fine motor skills. Residents feel productive and purposeful by completing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Accomplishment Activities

As dementia progresses, activating the senses is crucial to maintaining cognitive connections. Gardening is a way to give residents a sense of accomplishment. For instance, planted herbs can be used in meals or to make herb butter. Residents can pick out and plant certain species of flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, which opens up opportunities to maintain hummingbird feeders and enjoy nature.

A Sense of Purpose

Technology is a great way of creating purposeful connections for Dellwood residents. Whether it’s a weekly video chat with family, using Google Maps to help residents locate a childhood home, or facilitating a virtual tour of a museum or a favorite vacation spot.

Some residents may choose to participate in every activity offered, while others only wish to engage with one or two. Regardless of where a resident is in their life, Dellwood Gardens makes sure all of our Memory Care residents receive as much independence, productivity, sense of accomplishment, and purpose as they need every day.


If you’re considering a Memory Care program for your loved one, contact our Marketing Director, Lindsay Schmidt, at or (651) 444-5716 to request more information or to schedule a tour of our community.

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