Making a Move to Assisted Living or Memory Care? Consider These FAQs

Moving to an assisted living or memory community is a big step to take. For many adults, it’s the best option for maintaining a high quality of life in their golden years. However, moving can be an overwhelming process, especially when making a life changing decision to move into more supportive housing. That’s why we’ve provided some FAQs about this type of transition, along with answers and resources to guide you or your loved one along the way:


Q1: How much will it cost me?


A1: The costs of moving into an assisted living or memory care community will vary greatly, depending on the area of the country, the communities’ amenities, the size of the apartment, the level of care needed and/or services you or your loved one may require. Below are a few articles that highlight the costs and processes for beginning your move.


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Q2: How do I choose the right place?


A2: Along with your budget, it’s essential to factor in any health concerns and your lifestyle when determining which home or community to live in. Check out these articles that address some of these frequently asked questions.


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How to Make Friends in an Assisted Living Community.


Q3: How do I get started with planning my move?


A3: Once you’ve found the right home or community, start arranging for helpers, downsizing your belongings, and packing, among other tasks. The earlier you start planning, the better. Here are a few tips to get you started.


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What Should I Bring to a Memory Care Community?

How to Make a Senior Living Studio Apartment Feel Spacious.


If you or a loved one is thinking about moving to an assisted living or memory care community, it’s essential to prepare for the transition. Start by doing some research to assess costs, tour communities you may be interested in based on lifestyle features and amenities and get on a waiting list if you’re interested. Start planning well before it’s urgent. It will allow you to get comfortable with the idea and select the perfect community for you.  In no time, you could be happily settling into your new home!

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