Lifestyle Activities That Seniors with Alzheimer’s can Benefit From
Dementia, or Alzheimer’s, can impact a person’s life in several ways. And, while there are no proven ways to cure these conditions, there are several ways to manage them. Older adult’s with Alzheimer’s disease, or other cognitive conditions, can live relatively normal, active lives. However, caregivers will have to employ time, effort and attention to make this happen. Here are some lifestyle activities that seniors can benefit from.

Board Games

Board games are engaging, challenging, and fun. Additionally, studies show that board games stimulate brain areas that are responsible for memory formation and complex thought processes. Seniors who play board games are likely to stay mentally sharp and active. These games can also offer several benefits for people battling dementia and Alzheimers.

Therapy Music

According to research conducted by Boston University, music and lyrics are much easier for dementia patients to remember than verbal or written conversations. This is because music facilitates brain stimulation. Music therapy can not just help seniors learn new things but also rekindle old memories and improve personal well-being.


According to research, gardening can do wonders for all seniors, not just those with cognitive impairments. Gardening is a multi-step procedure that reduces stress, engages the brain, and is a social activity. It also gives seniors a goal. They will soon start looking forward to flowers, vegetables and other things that are the “fruit” of their efforts.

Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are a popular fad that is becoming more popular as a cognitive exercise. Coloring has a relaxing impact and engages the brain in a creative context. When combined with music therapy, coloring books provide a multi-dimensional yet low-key approach for seniors with Alzheimer’s to unwind while also remaining engaged.


Many Alzheimer’s patients are physically fit for their age, and their cognitive impairment should not prevent them from exercising. Moderate aerobic exercise has several proven physical and mental benefits for seniors. Help your loved one take a walk every day or encourage them to join a fitness group for people with cognitive issues. This will help them remain happy and healthy.

Watching Movies

Movies have the power to stimulate and reinforce past and existing connections in the brain. Remembering and reminiscing are important drivers for people with Alzheimer’s. In addition, watching an old movie is both calming and helpful in recalling what they liked about the film in the first place.

The tastes and preferences of people with cognitive diseases may change. Friends and family members who’ve been around the patient for years may find these new interests and hobbies confusing. However, it’s important to be patient and flexible and allow your loved one to explore their new perceptions and interests. Alzheimer’s is a wicked reality that affects over 5.8 million people in the US. However, this does not imply that seniors cannot live normally. On the contrary, making subtle changes to their lifestyle can help them combat this issue to a great extent.

At Dellwood Gardens we offer a wide range of services and recreation to help your loved one lead a fulfilling, happy life with dementia. If you would like further information about our memory care community, please call Lindsay Schmidt, Director of Marketing and Hospitality at 651-444-5716.

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