Keeping Your Brain Engaged as You Age

As we age, our bodies need regular movement or exercise to keep them functioning well. While we know we need to take care of our bodies, did you know that you can exercise your mind to keep it stimulated and engaged, too? In this post, we will talk about a few ways you or your senior can work on keeping the brain stimulated to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

1. Tune In to Music

Listening to any music of almost any genre engages the brain muscle in addition to encouraging movement, however small. Besides reducing hearing difficulties and improving memory, listening to music can also boost seniors’ self-perceptions about their lives.

2. Get Moving

The physical act of moving increases blood flow everywhere – including your brain! Incorporating movements big and small into every day will assist the healthy flow of blood to the brain. You or your senior can attend activities that feature movements from big to small, like one of the life enrichment opportunities offered at Dellwood Gardens.

3. Play a Game

From puzzles and checkers to trivia challenges, just about everyone can find at least one kind of game that sounds fun to play. Whether seniors prefer a solitary activity like a virtual online game or they participate in a group activity like a board game with others, playing games helps keep the mind sharp while having fun. Senior living centers provide opportunities to participate in all kinds of games while encouraging healthy mental engagement.

4. Write It Down

Creating and writing or recording thoughts or stories is an entertaining way for many seniors to flex their brain muscles. Physically writing might be challenging for some seniors but recording or dictating stories or ideas can be just as helpful. Your senior might want to recall favorite memories or stories to record or even create new ones. Either way, this wordplay and thought process is a fun and beneficial way to encourage brain health.

5. Find a Friend

Keeping or starting social connections is an easy but valuable way to encourage brain stimulation for every senior. Talking, laughing, reminiscing, or any other engagement with other people provides a great way to not only increase social interactions but also increase healthy brain activity.


Finding a friend is easy to do for seniors in Saint Paul, Minnesota, at one of the many activities offered at Dellwood Gardens. Keeping up or starting new relationships can be a rewarding and healthful experience for seniors of all ages and abilities. Finding some new friends can be easier when you start by joining an activity that you find interesting and that allows you to connect with others who have similar interests.




Need more ways to encourage brain health in your senior? Contact Dellwood Gardens for more information on how our programs and services can help you or the senior in your life.

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