How to Make a Senior Living Studio Apartment Feel Spacious

While downsizing can be a challenge, it can also be liberating. By giving up the responsibility of home maintenance and repairs, you’ll be free to live your life how you see fit. Here are some decorating tips we’ve gathered to help you feel at home in your new apartment.

Right Size Your Furniture

Many people make the mistake of taking their furniture with them when downsizing their living spaces. In response to seniors rightsizing to apartments, furniture manufacturers have scaled down their selections to fit smaller living spaces. When shopping for new furniture, pay attention to scale and size. Know your measurements and make sure the furniture you buy will fit in your new space AND through your doorway! You can find more downsizing tips here.

Make Mini Rooms

Breaking up space in your main room can make a small studio feel a whole lot bigger. Use tall shelves or purpose-made dividers to split your main room into smaller “mini-rooms.” If your apartment comes with a kitchenette (as do many floor plans at Dellwood Gardens in Saint Paul, Minneapolis), this is a great way to keep your dining area and living space separated and organized.

Invest in Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light deep into a room, making it appear larger. The reflection of both natural and artificial light makes a room seem brighter both day and night. Use mirrors to create depth by placing them angled toward a focal point.

Put Corners to Work

Create a cozy lounging nook with a chair and an oversized plant. Keep books in decorative crates or bins in the corner, next to your favorite chair or sofa. The point is to maximize the space available to you and can be applied in just about every corner of your apartment.

Spread the Light

A single light source will only cast a pool of light in one spot. Multiple light sources, such as floor lamps in corners and table lamps on sideboards, can open up a room. Long pendants will draw the eye up and down, emphasizing the room’s height rather than its small floor space.

Find Your Fit at Dellwood Gardens

If you prefer a cozier home or more space, Dellwood Gardens has the perfect place for you. With studios and one-bedroom apartments available in our community, we’ve got the right space for you.

Interested in calling Dellwood Gardens home? Check out our amenities to learn a little more about assisted living in our community. If you’re looking for memory support options for a loved one, Dellwood Gardens can help—read more about our memory care options or contact us today at (651) 776-9511.

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