FAQ: What You Need to Know About Assisted Living

If you or a loved one is considering moving into assisted living, you likely have several questions. Moving into assisted living is a difficult decision to make, but knowing more about what’s ahead of you can help you make an informed choice without worry. At Dellwood Gardens, we understand your concerns, and we’re here to address them.

How Safe Is Assisted Living?

One of the biggest benefits of moving into an apartment or a more skilled assisted living facility is that you can actually increase your safety. For example, you will have fewer risks of injury when cleaning, cooking, or performing other daily activities when you have help.

Will You Be Lonely?

Isolation and loneliness impact older adults in many negative ways, but it’s one of the things you don’t have to worry about in an assisted living facility. Your time in an assisted living facility will likely get filled up quite quickly. We believe in enhancing the lives of our residents as much as possible with life enrichment plans catered to each resident based on their passions and capabilities.

Will the Food Be Good?

If you love to cook, moving to Dellwood Gardens and turning over the majority of your meal planning to someone else can be nerve-wracking! However, your space will have a kitchenette where you can prepare snacks and some meals as you prefer.


Since you can set up your own meal plan as a resident, it’s easy to enjoy a variety of foods that you might not have had the need to make before. For example, a pan of lasagna or a whole turkey can be a lot if your household is small. In a group setting, however, such meals are easy to prepare and enjoy. Best of all, Dellwood does the dishes!

Will You Have Room for Guests?

The Dellwood Gardens facility features an activity room, a fireplace lounge, and a chapel. You can invite your guests to visit our facility, your room, and even our dining area. The Dellwood Gardens community will always be welcoming and friendly to your family and friends.

What Happens If You Need More Care?

Once settled in one of our charming apartments, you can leave behind the stress of managing:


  • Housework
  • Yardwork
  • Laundry


This will free up a lot of energy, time, and mental space. You may find that you now have the time and energy for an exercise class, time with a physical therapist, or sessions with a personal trainer.


However, over time, you may need more care. At Dellwood Gardens, we make moving from your apartment into more intensive memory care an easy transition so you can reduce your worries.




Moving into an assisted living facility by choice can lighten your burdens and will give you many more options than moving when you are forced by illness or injury. Start looking for the right care before you need it. Contact us at Dellwood Gardens in Minnesota for a conversation about a happier and safer retirement. You can also contact our Marketing Director, Lindsay Schmidt, at lschmidt@dellwoodgardens.com or 651.444.5716.

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