Don’t Wait for a Crisis to Plan for Senior Living

All too often we hear regrettable stories from seniors and their family members about how they prolonged putting together their crisis plans and now feel like they no longer have a choice in where they go – either because their care needs are now what’s determining where they move or because the senior living community, they wanted to move into doesn’t have any availability.

These scenarios became even more prevalent as COVID-19 delayed many seniors moves into assisted living communities but putting together a well-thought-out plan can help to alleviate stress and put you in the driver’s seat of your own care decisions, even in the midst of a pandemic.


Why Senior Living, Why Now?

During the last year, many people wondered if senior living communities were safe during COVID-19. In fact, preliminary research from the University of Chicago shows that older adults who lived on their own outside of a senior living community were almost twice as likely to die from COVID-19 than independent living residents of a continuing care retirement community.

With that settled, now the questions have shifted more to how a retirement community can support your entire well-being – physical, social, emotional, and spiritual. Senior living communities have spent the last year adapting, innovating, and engaging with residents. Those that do it best are, more than ever, some of the safest and most fulfilling places for an older adult to live. That’s why we believe now may be the smartest time to make the move.

As an assisted living and memory care community, our staff continually see first-hand how living in a senior living community has many advantages. For older adults, moving to a senior living community can be helpful in maintaining and developing new social relationships and interests, pursuing hobbies, accessing on-site services and supports, and remaining active. Senior living communities are a place to grow, not just a place to live.


Finding the Right Fit for Your Loved One


Take the time to sit down with your loved one to discuss a plan for the next 2-5 years. Create a list of what’s important to them in a senior living community. Begin touring a few places that fit into your budget and meet your needs. If you find a community that is a good fit, ask to be added to their waiting list, but if you’re loved one is ready for a move soon, putting down a deposit and deciding on a move-in date may be a smart move, especially as demand increases as we head towards a post-pandemic world. If you’re interested in learning more about senior living or sitting down with Lindsay, our Director of Marketing & Hospitality to inquire about how to begin a transition into senior living, give us a call at 651-444-5716. We look forward to meeting you!

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