7 Activities to Keep Seniors in Assisted Living Engaged

People need to explore, learn, and have fun to live life to its fullest at any age. A monotonous routine often makes seniors in assisted living feel bored and unmotivated. Adding stimulating activities to their daily routine will improve their quality of life and help them stay happy and healthy.

Here are some activities that seniors can take part in to improve their quality of life.

Arts and Crafts


Help seniors get in touch with their artistic side through art and craft workshops. These activities will improve their mental health and eliminate boredom. Check out some of our fun arts and craft workshop ideas:

● Painting

● Woodworking

● Story Telling

● Beading and jewelry-making

● Knitting

● Paper Craft




Exercises improve mobility and blood flow to the brain. Keep them moving with fun exercises that will improve their mental and physical health. Below are some examples of popular activities for elderly people in an assisted living facility:

● Tai chi

● Yoga and chair yoga

● Meditation

● Zumba

● Spin class




Seniors enjoy playing games as they socialize with others, forget about worries, and have fun. Bingo isn’t the only game seniors enjoy. Keep game time interesting with these mentally stimulating games:

● Chess and checkers

● Jigsaw puzzles

● Trivia

● Sudoku

● Card games

● Board games




Learning is an exciting process that will make seniors feel more energized and reinvigorate their enthusiasm for life. Here are some examples of learning activities that can keep seniors feeling stimulated throughout the day:

● Computer classes

● Foreign language classes

● Book clubs

● Writing

● Educational lectures




A one-hour gardening activity every day allows seniors to connect with nature and remain physically active. Gardening a day can burn calories, improve their memory, reduce their stress levels, and lower their risk of dementia.

Pet Therapy


Most seniors in assisted living suffer from isolation and loneliness. A visit from some cute furry friends can brighten up their mood and make them feel more at ease. It’s a fantastic way to keep introverted seniors engaged and happy.

Music and Dance


Dance and music are entertaining activities that never go out of style. They can even benefit seniors with advanced cognitive impairment. Hosting talent shows, karaoke, and competitions can allow them to showcase their talents, socialize, and relax.

Dellwood Gardens organizes a variety of fun activities to keep our residents healthy and happy. Contact us for more information about our services.

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